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This is pretty genius. It's a backpack designed only to carry your laptop. The idea is that you can wear it under a jacket and it will be pretty much invisible, so good if you're in a dodgy area and want to be discreet that you're carrying a laptop.
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@_jacksmith At first glance this looks really awesome, I might have bought it. But, then I noticed something in the video. Stop it at 19 seconds and you will see a backpack without a laptop. Guess they needed to fake it, since it would not look as thin as with a laptop in it. This solution is still better then a usual setup under your jacket. But, faking it is the worst.
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@tristancelebi @_jacksmith Look closely when he is putting on the bag. The laptop only comes up to the bottom of the logo. At 0:19 you can't see beyond the logo, so it is entirely possible that the laptop is still there. I think the top part of the bag still looks tensioned by the laptop the same way it did earlier.
Awesome idea. It might be the solution to another problem: there is no (nice) handbags that fit a 15" laptop. Plus, if I want to look like an adult and be taken seriously, I can no longer wear a (visible) backpack. 👌
@syswarren who printed this 'adult-not-be-taken-seriously-with-backback' ? Did you see a commercial about it being 'not cool' or something? A backpack is practical, since when is it a style thing?
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@milann Backpacks are really cool. The thing is, I already look like a 19 year-old girl so sometimes, I need to put on my "grownup costume" just to be able to do my job. This "under the jack pack" would be useful for me and maybe other ladies working in tech. I just wanted to share another practical aspect of this product. 🦄
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@milann I felt the exact same way as you. I'm a woman in tech in Los Angeles. I created this bag on kickstarter to solve this exact issue. https://www.producthunt.com/post.... I didn't come here to post it but when I read your comment I felt like I had to share. :)
Neat idea, I’ve seen similar backpacks on AliExpress for a while now: http://www.aliexpress.com/item/1...
@cenk link doesn't work for me
@cenk both say "page not found"
@_jacksmith @cenk I have no idea what’s wrong, but try searching AliExpress for "Sport 5MM Neoprene shoulder Notebook"
@cenk ok, it's working for me now. good find.
This solves such a huge problem, I hate being the guy in the bar with his bookbag on all the time!
Nice idea, particularly useful when travelling in London on the Tube! Says there's a smaller compartment for the charger but can't quite see it on the photo!!