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An analysis of the world's best digital products

Under Glass provides inspiration through a balanced and in-depth view of great digital product design happening worldwide and how those products connect with people.

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Under Glass definitely helped me to broaden my perspective of the product design world! Definitely worth it to subscribe this blog :)
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@seonyu_kim Thanks for following along @seonyu_kim
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You simply cannot get proper product insights elsewhere
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@wmcmorrow thanks for the kind words :)

Underglass is a great source of inspiration from apps that do things well. It gives you an in depth understanding of the patterns successful apps use, so you can learn from them and implement in your own products


The best case studies to help improve your products


none from me

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I've seen this pretty much everywhere, so great to finally see it here. Congrats on the launch! How do you choose which apps to do a case study on?
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@graeme_fulton Thanks Graeme. No hard and fast rules but we have some guidelines: basically we favour products with strong design that haven't been talked about much or are from regions that get talked about less that are changing something in an interesting way. A lot of times we deliberated too much on what products to talk about and ended up finding out that (almost) every product has an interesting story to tell once you dive into it.
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@rob_mcmackin Nice guidelines, I like that you're giving exposure to those who aren't recognised!
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@graeme_fulton yep! Also if anybody feels they have a product that might fit in here, please get in touch as were always on the look out
This is really cool! I was the creator of the FB app Lifestage (the app you guys mention in the musical.ly post), it's funny cuz I designed the whole app as a teenager. Goes to show how teenagers don't really understand teenagers as much as they think they do ;) I definitely learned that over the years. I would not fully attribute the instantaneous failure of Lifestage to its colors, but more so to 3 much-worse things: 1. The core product idea was confusing, irretentive, and complicated. 2. The UI did not make any sense for the product idea, made things even more confusing / needlessly complicated. Trying to reinvent a wheel for a wheel that doesn't roll leaves you with... well, who knows what it leaves you with. 3. Designing for teenagers was hard, even though I was a teenager myself when creating that app. I tried to reinvent the wheel to the UI of a product idea that didn't make any sense, while on the other end, musical.ly is an awesome product that has market fit. And their nav UI was basically Instagram's tab bar. Which is familiar, and great. I learned design was not about reinventing anything, but rather using the elements that make sense. Simple as that. But thankfully I learned a lot from that experience a few years ago. :)
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@michaelsayman That's really interesting insight, thanks for that Michael. Either way you did a great job.
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