Send video messages to your friends using motion stickers

Unda has created a gif/video/music playground which can lead to funny little video clips or just messy noise. They seem to realize that exporting the video messages is key. But they need to focus on that use case and eliminate the rest of the functionality. It's easy to see this gif/video combo simply a feature of something like Snapchat. Unda just raised $900k and renamed the app: VideoSelfie (website and app do not reflect this yet).
Hey everyone, I'm Oscar Noriega and I'm the CEO and cofounder of VideoSelfie. I'm more than happy to answer questions here. I'll start by addressing @nettdrone comments. First of all, the news were *a bit early* on TechCrunch and I guess John tried unda (our previous product) and not VideoSelfie. The new product is really an evolution and refocus on our most active and important users: young girls 13 to 19 into selfies. As John mentioned unda was a bit of everything everywhere, and we basically rebuilt the product by focusing only on just very few things and our very core demographic. Our app is a video creation tool and we see it as a real time video editing application where you can shoot quick movies up to 20 seconds, and decorate them with GIFs, PNG's and filters. Basically, this is a video creation app for the Tumblr generation. It's clear that we see ourselves as a tool and a technology company, and we will use most of the money mainly to keep developing our vision of real video time editing tools which is just getting started. I know it may be hard for many to try it and understand it, specially since it's a super girly application. Believe me, it's a challenge on our side as well and we've spent countless hours collecting feedback from our users and learning more about what they want, also working with really interesting content curators targeted mainly for young girls. Still, please give the product a chance understanding that it's hard sometimes for users who are not this core demographic to understand what we are doing. Also, the website how reflects the change and redirects you to Happy to answer more questions!