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Paul Murphy
CEO, Dots
Uncubed is one of the best kept "secrets" of the New York tech community. It's *the* place to go to find out what's happening, access hidden talent for the tech industry from their platform or one of their events. And increasingly a great place to learn. These guys are doing great work, so glad to see them up here on Product Hunt.
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Following these videos for a while now. Aside from learning something new, they're are a great way to see how a company or team operates and thinks before actually joining them. Nice work Uncubed team!
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Ali NicolasWME Digital
Been a huge fan of Uncubed for years, love their video tutorials, and I recommend attending their events as well whether you're looking for a job, hiring or just wanting to network with hundreds of awesome people.
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Tarek Pertew🐦⚽ | Co-founder of Uncubed
Thanks folks, especially Niamh for thinking of us. I'm relatively new to this and getting all sorts of pro tips from friends. Anyway, here's the deal. We launched this product a few months ago in response to the growing need for companies to showcase their best talent in efforts to recruiter more great talent. By teaching skills and techniques, people learn something useful and get insights into a company, their problems and the folks working on them. The response has been amazing and we're releasing new content weekly. Keep your eyes peeled for Fiverr, Grindr redux, Dots, BounceExchange, Architizer and more.
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Frank Denbow
INFLECTION (inflectioncommunity.com)
Uncubed has been a hugely positive force for startups with their live events and newsletter. Cool to see the evolution to video!
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