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#4 Product of the DayDecember 06, 2014
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It wasn't until I met @amandapey that I learned how deep and vast Etsy is. You can find just about anything there (including spells). There are so many products -- many hidden gems -- that a curation on top of Etsy makes sense, similar to Canopy's curation of Amazon (cc @shanndfox). How are you curating these products now, @brensudol?
@amandapey @shanndfox @rrhoover thanks Ryan! It's powered by the Etsy API (which is awesome btw). The curation is part hand picking and part algorithm. The algo has a few different signals -- for example, a high proportion of favorites to listing views, whether the product was ever featured on the homepage, whether the product was favorited by Etsy users that have a lot of followers, etc. And then I manually go through and make sure the main listing photo is amazing. Yes, I'm a huge fan of Canopy and their beautiful aesthetic - that definitely influenced the layout and minimalism.
Hi all, this is my latest side project. I love Etsy (used to work on the data team there). There are so many awesome, unique, and inspiring products on Etsy but with over 25 million things, it can be a bit overwhelming to browse, and discoverability of the great stuff takes some time. Hence, this curated feed of the best and beautiful and unique. It's very lightweight and simple right now, but I'd love your feedback. Thanks so much!
@brensudol Hey-- I really like this. I've made about $2,500 on Etsy since opening a shop on behalf of my grandfather in July this year (he's 92 and we have 4000 prints by him in a storage locker.. it'll likely be a lifetime project for me). Most of my sales have come from people who Googled for him-- I haven't found Etsy that helpful for finding new customers (but have had some). I think this product could be really helpful for sellers (and customers). I wonder if you could add subcategories, so not just art, but also painting/ printmaking etc-- I think this could really help sellers/ potential buyers. I also wonder if adding more price based filters could be helpful.
@erin_alexa_ hey Erin, that's awesome to hear about your selling success on etsy so far! And thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree that it could use a bit more category organization, and more / better ways to filter the products - I'm trying to strike the right balance between simple/fun and useful, so stay tuned there! And I appreciate your encouragement that this could be nice for sellers too as a way to stand out and reach a new audience :)
@brensudol Is there a business model here? Last I checked there is no affiliate fee income from etsy. Just wondering. :)
@surfy hey Mark! thanks for the question. Etsy does have an affiliate program though it is very nascent and only available internationally right now. But I'm hopeful that they'll open it up more broadly at some point. And if not, I have a few only revenue ideas :)
Love! I'm a fan Etsy in theory- but rarely take the time to sort through the abundance of offerings. It's just too much. A smart curation like this is most welcome.
@KKDUB thanks Kelly! Yep, that was my impetus - to make a trimmed down set of the coolest stuff on Etsy to make browsing and discovery more fun. Not every amazing product on Etsy is on Uncoverly (yet) but everything that is on there is (hopefully) pretty special!
Nice work on the site - there are so many products on Etsy and this is a great way to find some of the more popular ones. This is a small thing, but have you thought about adding infinite scroll for easier browsing?
Thanks a lot, Tim! Yes, that's a good call - it's on my list :)