Laser cut and customize your MacBook backlight

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This was one of the hardest things I ever had to develop, but the result was soooo worth it. The inspiration came when I noticed that, when you turn down the brightness on a Mac screen, the backlit Apple logo also becomes dimmer. Previously, I always thought that it was lit by a special LED, but actually, it's the screen's backlight. That meant there was a massive lightsource behind the aluminium, waiting to be 'uncovered'. So we started to demolish Mac screens; especially the Air and Retina's are a real b*tch to take apart. Was pretty scary to place the first aluminium casing under a 2 kilowatt industrial lasercutter (way too strong actually, but I didn't know much at the time). ±30 prototypes later, we've found our super-specific but very interesting niche: CEO's and DJ's all want to beam out their own logo on stage. So, the CEO's of Evernote, Snapchat, Flipboard, Lyft, The Next Web and WeTransfer all get their Mac Uncovered. As do Laidback Luke, Jamie XX and tomorrow, we're making one for Hardwell. The new '1-port' MacBook actually doesn't have a backlit logo, which is the first time in around 15 years Apple doesn't let their brand shine through. However, there IS light inside, and our first experiments give reason for optimism (also we discovered the weirdest thing inside the screen). Can't say for sure if we're gonna be able to 'uncover' the gold Macs as well, but for now, we're pretty proud to be pimping the MacBooks for some of the world's coolest artists and company leaders.
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@victorvandoorn is it weird i'm most impressed by jamie xx?
@stttories Haha it's not weird, he's fantastic :)
@victorvandoorn what was the weird thing you discovered?
@victorvandoorn FYI I think this is fantastic, so I wrote about it: https://geeky.io/2015/07/03/lase...
@msitver Thanks Michael, we're feeling honored over here!
One of the most insane and impressive ways to customize your MacBook :o
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Awesome product- I'd love to get one for ArtSquare! Haha, although the team is a bit sketchy ;) http://www.uncovermac.com/about/
@thomasle0n He's a busy founder (hence all the photos). I did the same search wanting more info, and found the "About" page for Uncover Labs. Which is exciting, as I'm going to be traveling to Amsterdam in a few months. Might have to stop by! http://uncoverlab.com/pages/abou...
@thomasle0n Haha thanks Thomas, sketchy indeed ;) I looked at your logo and think it would actually look beautiful in color, as well as monocrome (with the A in aluminum and the rounded rectangle all white..). And thanks @avoision, uncoverlab.com is our store in Amsterdam, a 'tattoo shop for objects' ;)
Well done, @victorvandoorn. These are epic. Are you planning to add backlit color customization?
@rrhoover I think that's possible, check out the one for The Next Web: You want one for PH? ;) Round orange outlined P?
@rrhoover Thanks Ryan! We definitely make colored uncovers. In most cases though, a design looks best in plain old, minimalist white, so we don't actively market it. But in some cases, if the color isn't too dark a shade, it can look really, really awesome ;)
@milann a burned orange parking lot "P" would be pic 😄
Let's make one for the PH team :)
@victorvandoorn Would a bulk deal be possible? Or is most of the cost from the actual per-unit labor et al?
@staringispolite You guessed correctly; most of the cost is in the labor of disassembly, aligning and monitoring the machines when carving the Mac plate, the perspex inlay and often aluminum inlays for in the inlay, and the reassembly.. Only a small part is the design prep, which is where some savings occur for larger orders. How large a series were you thinking? If you like, you can contact us directly at tailor@uncovermac.com