Carry the new iPhone 7 dongle with you on your keychain

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What a great name :)
@imjasonli Haha.. Exactly..!!
My buddy Jon (@jonalexr) came up with this genius idea! If you have an iPhone 7 and can't completely disconnect yourself from the 3.5mm jack...then this is one's for you. I'm getting my dose of Uncourage shipped to me later today. 🔑 🙃
Thanks for checking this out! Originally I was going to 3D print one of these for myself because of all the times I’ve used a headphone jack and I didn’t want to be stuck without the ability to connect. A friend mentioned other people might be interested in it as well and I got a bit carried away with that idea 😅
I need this!!!
I think this is an awesome and simple product! I would recommend you also sell a pack of dongles with them :-)
@sebastienb thanks! Interesting, I was thinking about that as well