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So awesome to share Uncommon Stock with the PH community! The book's official release date is December 3rd so this is a ninja sneak-peak under the hood of an Advance Review Copy (like a beta for books). Power Play is the sequel to Version 1.0 which I just added to the related links section (I recommend you start the story from the beginning). It's a blazing fast page-turner about two founders who drop out of college to start a new fintech company. Along the way they get caught up in a money-laundering conspiracy and it goes downhill from there... Sex? Murder? Venture capital? Sounds like a PH worthy read to me... :)
@eliotpeper That's fantastic. Sounds like you created a new fiction genre!
@jasoncomely there's so much inherent drama in the startup world. What could be a better setting for a thriller, right? Folks have been calling it "John Grisham for tech" which makes me blush :P.
@eliotpeper A thriller is also a great way to learn more about the dark side of startup culture and strategy. The mind boggles at what you may have started. Look forward to reading it :)
@jasoncomely can't wait to get your take.
@eliotpeper congrats buddy. excited for ya! cc @rrhoover