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Loved everything I saw. I just hope the combat is more interesting. That's always been the weakest part of the series IMO.
Naughty Dog quite possibly is the best in the game right now. Genuinely looking forward to playing as Nathan Drake for one "final" ride after the new E3 gameplay footage debuted yesterday at Sony's presser.
@andythegiant "final ride" ... riiiight ๐Ÿ˜Š
Just sat through an extended demo at E3. Basically what they showed during the Sony press conference + about 10 more minutes of insane chase action. Seriously, it's one of the most visually-impressive chase sequences I've ever seen (including in movies!). Really pumped.
Gawd these games are so good. Uncharted is the true spiritual successor to Indiana Jones.
@thetylerhayes Have you played the first three installments? So good. So, so good.
@jtzou Not the third one, though now that you mention it...
I can't wait for this. Uncharted is the best games series I've ever played in my life. The story is so well written that you actually care about their fate.