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We've seen a few people attempt to build a modern day "QVC for mobile" for various categories (YEAY, 8TV, Booster, Pollseye, and MikMak come to mind). Unboxed might be the best execution I've seen so far, curating existing YouTube videos (smart β€” they don't need to create their own expensive content) with a fun turntable.fm-like community experience. @efeng wrote more about it on Medium and here's @mgsiegler's take.
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Very excited to be take the wrapping off off Unboxed today! We think that for video + ecommerce to work, you need great video. And YouTube unboxers are creating some of the most entertaining, interesting, and popular videos around. We hope we can give unboxers a new platform to showcase their talents, connect with fans, and make shopping fun again.
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Congrats @efeng! I'm going to be that guy ... plans on an Android version? Or even a web version? I'm a huge fan of unboxing on YouTube (I don't know why... I kinda find it relaxing...)!
@gadgick @efeng +1 for web version request.
@gadgick great feedback! yup, will definitely get cranking on android and web next.
@efeng Awesome! If you need any testers/early users, add me to the list πŸ‘Œ
Time to get busy making some more unboxing videos ;)
I'm not entirely sure the value proposition in making this app only. When I'm looking for a new product I might search YouTube then maybe hit up Amazon but I don't think I would keep a dedicated app on my phone just to watch unboxings and buy something. Both Amazon and YouTube have better reasons to keep it installed.
@scotty_mcq great question. our thinking is that unboxing (which we actually define broadly to include all product videos) is an important enough video category to deserve its own standalone service. kind of like how gaming videos has twitch, and education videos has udemy / udacity, we think unboxing videos should have a dedicated service too with features specifically for its viewers (like being able to buy products, interact with product experts, etc.). i love both amazon and youtube and think that there's room for another app to sit beside them and complement what they do.