Serverless NoSQL database you query with JavaScript

#2 Product of the DayFebruary 08, 2020
Store any unstructured JSON data without constraints on primary keys, property names or embedded objects. Map, reduce, and receive query results to your webhooks. Any valid Javascript works as a query, ending limitations imposed by proprietary query languages.
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I’ve used firestore for many client projects and it’s a pain that firestore can be very limited in some cases in terms of queries. I took a quick look at your website but there are many unanswered questions. What is the pricing? Do you have real-time support out of the box? How about languages other than JS like Swift? How reliable is your service?
@elmasryahmed I've added a screenshot of the pricing page to this post. Native modules for other languages are coming soon. The Python module is almost ready, but having your feedback on wanting Swift is very valuable, so thank you. Can you clarify exactly what you mean by "real-time support"?
@elmasryahmed if you mean pushing a stream data updates to clients in real time, we don't support that at the moment, but we'd appreciate feedback on how you'd like such a feature to work.
The pricing is quite expensive compared to something like FaunaDB, which appears to be close to what you're trying to achieve. That should really be added to the comparison page if you're trying to give people a true overview of their options. Also, after signing into Unbounded it looks like you also have to choose a region for each database. After setting up my serverless ecosystem with Cloudflare Workers, Fauna, Backblaze B2 + CF CDN, and Ably, none of which require a region selection and are globally distributed, this is a bit of a turn-off. I appreciate the free bandwidth, though charging for CPU time is a bit strange. Best of luck!
@sgehly Thanks for the good wishes. You're right that the architecture isn't global. We are definitely not competing in the OLTP space either, though. At the moment our focus is 1) having the dbaas which is easiest to use 2) the ability to read and write huge documents or huge datasets, similar to how DynamoDB lets you execute parallel scans, except we do it in reverse with webhooks.
How is DynamoDB not "serverless"? It's pretty much "the" original "serverless" DB! And what schema restrictions does it have? Edit: Oh! The primary and sort keys and the restricted property names!
@elfitz_ DynamoDB requires you to provision throughput on a per-table basis, which is then charged monthly regardless of whether you actually use that throughput. This is in contrast to a service like S3 where you are only charged for usage + data at rest.
@elfitz_ @willweisser DynamoDB has on-demand pricing which doesn't require provisioned throughput: https://aws.amazon.com/dynamodb/...
@elfitz_ @willweisser that is not accurate. DynamoDB allows you to choose on-demand billing which has no provisioned throughout and you only pay for what you use. But anyway, your product sounds cool. I’ll check it out!
@elfitz_ @matt_potter2 @alex_debrie You're right, they added that mode since the last time I checked. I will update the comparison table, thank you.
Hi, I'm Will! I co-founded security company Cambia, acquired by Tripwire. I believe the first wave of NoSQL databases have fallen short of their goals, and I want to fix that next. Unbounded is a schemaless, serverless, NoSQL cloud database you query with javascript. If you can code it, it's a valid query, ending limitations imposed by proprietary query languages. Store any JSON data without constraints on primary keys, property names or embedded objects. Map, reduce, and receive query results to your webhooks. Free starter tier, only pay for what you use. The first medium post on Unbounded is also live today: https://medium.com/@will.a.weiss...
I think the most interesting part of this that if a project doesn't exist, you can just make a call and it'll automatically create the db for you. Seems really great for small projects & the like. good work!