Build, publish & A/B test landing pages without I.T.

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"It's important to get things done quickly in marketing, a task made more difficult when you have to rely upon I.T. resources who have their own priorities and processes. We also realized that I.T. doesn't relish the idea of having to drop everything to develop a landing page. By giving marketers control over their landing pages, everybody wins." http://unbounce.com/about-us/
@ericwillis The product is misspelled - it's"Unbounce" And I'd genuinely be shocked if people havent heard of Unbounce given how long it's been around.
@AnujAdhiya Sent a message to the team to edit or delete it. Thanks
They also have a nifty Wordpress plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/un... 1. Build your landing page(s) in Unbounce 2. Publish it to WordPress using the plugin 3. Manage the page(s) from the plugin interface