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Crypto-Potential is a platform with specialized crypto reports written by tested blockchain specialists. Straightforward reports with PROS, CONS and RED FLAGS for every crypto project. Specialists who write reports are incentivized by the community and provide factual information that goes beyond official documentation. Hardcore truth.

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This would be useful to have before investing in shitcoins


Very informative with solid information


I want to see ROI and general summary for each section.

Hey everyone, this is Nick from Crypto-Potential. What we are trying to do is bring more transparency in the crypto space. WHY? Because crypto space is a newly growing technology and like with all new technologies, it takes time for the adoption. This is the fertile ground for scammers who managed to fleece more than $1 Billion from naive investors in 2017. alone and websites get paid to pump fake reviews and ratings. This is why we decided to do something different. Crypto-Potential is a platform where crypto enthusiasts can work together to collaborate and expand their information network through crypto reports. It can be compared to UBER, where Analysts are drivers and Investors are passengers. Analyst investigates and writes a report which Investors buy to expand their information network. It goes without saying that investors would do better if they knew better and sometimes "Do your own research" is not enough. We would love to hear your feedback and answer any of the questions you might have πŸ‘
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