Unbabel for MailChimp

Reach new markets by translating your MailChimp campaigns

#5 Product of the DayJanuary 06, 2015
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Hi PH! I’m Vasco, the CEO of Unbabel. We just released our integration with MailChimp, and would love to get your thoughts. We’re also offering a $5 credit to everyone who signs up through Product Hunt.
@justvasco can you explain how this works? It's not clear from the site.
@daveambrose Hey Dave, we will definitely make the description clearer on the site. The integration syncs with your campaigns on MailChimp (by authenticating with your MailChimp account). You can select a campaign to translate from English (and a few others) to 20 different languages. Our human editors complete the translation, and return the campaign to you to review before sending to your subscribers.
Added to my Email Marketing collection: http://www.producthunt.com/AnujA...
Awesome idea! Are the translations automated and just reviewed by translators or is the entire copy rewritten?
@husseinyahfoufi It depends on the type of content and the language pair. Our method is adapted depending on the language pair and the purpose of the translation. In the case of MailChimp, more text may be changed in order to make it sound natural.
Love this. Especially useful for eCommerce stores that ship international. If you can't budget to do every email at least do transactional ones, for the top 5 languages in your demographics.