Resize photos with the power of your mind!

Unagi is a small Mac application. It resize images when you change the filename. if you add 100px to image filename Unagi will resize it to 100px width automatically. Works with any custom image size in any folder on your Mac

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Ok, this is very interesting and smart but...in the video you "forgot" to add the step where you have to right click the image and start the service. This make everything less magic. Also because you have to go 1 by 1, you can't select multiple images and start the service for all of them.
@mrdobelina hi Filippo! Thanks for reaching out. I have it written one the landing page in the features section so you will not miss it. Also you can select multiple images and apply resize mode to them. If you look on the video it works for both images without applying resizing one by one. I’ll check it again to make sure there is no bug.
@ilya_libin Hi! Yes I saw it in the landing page, after I purchased it. But in the video is missing, which I think is one of the first thing someone see and make the decision to buy it. Anyway, mmm I tried again to select 4 images and right click to service them all but it only create a copy of the first image.
@mrdobelina I assumed that everybody passes via Landing page before buying as there is no option to buy from the video. I'll add this instruction to my video as well. Thanks for pointing to this, Filippo!
@ilya_libin Well I landed on the page, clicked "How it Works", saw the magic and bought it! Have you figured out the multiple images issue? It's me missing something or it is a bug?
@mrdobelina Yeah looks like a but. I'm checking it. Will send you the new version once it's fixed.
Saw this on IndieHackers and also mentioned there that this looks super useful for designers. Nice work.
It's funny cause I saw this episode of Friends yesterday! :D
@aga_jaskiewicz one of my favorites! :D