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I have personally met @gauravmunjal and the passion and spirit that has gone into unacademys making is beyond compare. Education in India is seeing a facelift on the digital front and unacademy is a torch bearer i would say . The new age education needs digital devices as a complementary tool to both the student and the teacher , Unacademy is doing that and anyone on the receiving and sending end of the rich content can vouch for that . Way to go Unacademy team . :)
Hey everyone, I am the CEO of Unacademy.in - our vision is to have very high quality educational courses on our platform in all languages. These courses are and will always be free. We are also India's one of the top educational YouTube channels http://youtube.com/unacademy If you want to take a mini course on Unacademy please email me at gaurav @unacademy.in
@gauravmunjal YOU guys are making headlines all over india's social media with the new announcement . Can you tell us a little more about it and more about the goals??