The universal inbox for all of your email and chat messages.

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Umuse is your universal inbox. It combines all of your email and chat messages into one Facebook-like feed. Optimized for message volume and designed for speed, Umuse integrates with Gmail and Slack to give you one view into your digital conversations at work.

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  • Chris TraganosVP of Product @

    Easy to manage inbox zero for both chat and email


    Only available on desktop

    I've been using Umuse for the last few months and am blown away by the approach to messaging and email. I often struggle to keep track of chat and questions asked in Slack. In addition, email piles on notification overload to my daily process.

    With Umuse, I've been able to stay on top of passive inquiries, colleague conversations, and emails.

    Looking forward to the Umuse roadmap and keeping on top of my messages!

    Chris Traganos has used this product for one year.
  • Jesse LakesCEO, Geniuslink

    Clean, thoughtful, they paid attention to the details.


    A bit of a challenge to rewire my habits around email and Slack.

    I love the concept and the team behind it is a bunch of rockstars. As someone who spends a lot of time in Slack and Mail it makes a ton of sense to combine these two. The challenge for me was working through some old habits that were very email specific. But that didn't take too long.

    Jesse Lakes has used this product for one week.


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David RathmannMaker@drathm · Founder, VP of Product @ Umuse
Hello Product Hunt Community and thanks for hunting us, Nikhil. I’m Dave Rathmann, Founder and VP of Product at Umuse. We’ve built a workplace communication tool that brings together email and chat together in one Facebook-like feed with the goal of helping the average business user manage message overload. If you’re a Gmail and Slack user for example, you can download Umuse to bring your separate message streams together in one clean, simple interface that’s powered by smart technology and designed for speed. The goal is to give you one place to stay on top of all of your communication at work. We currently support Gmail and Slack and plan to add additional channels like text and social in the future. It’s removed a lot of the communication clutter from our work days and hope it does for you too. We’re excited to show you what we’ve built. Please download (it’s free!) and let us know if you have any feedback, comments, or questions.
ali mirza@alimirza2k · Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur
@drathm Thanks for sharing.. BTW quick questions.. is this for companies and teams? or for freelancers as well? or both??
David RathmannMaker@drathm · Founder, VP of Product @ Umuse
@alimirza2k Hi Ali - good question. Both. We've built Umuse for the individual at work who has too many channels and messages to manage. Users and teams have been liking the Feed to put all of their messages in one place. And freelancers have been liking having all of their channels in one place.
ali mirza@alimirza2k · Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur
@drathm Yes that's what I thought.. I am a Social Media Freelancer/Consultant and something like this can be a huge time saver. One place to manage all of my client communication + personal emails.
David RathmannMaker@drathm · Founder, VP of Product @ Umuse
Awesome - that's the goal. Hope we can give you some more time back in your day!
Brian Simmons@brian_simmons · Director of Product
Great product to not only consolidate my email and slack but it saves me time by showing me what is important so I can focus. Excited to see what is next in this product.
David RathmannMaker@drathm · Founder, VP of Product @ Umuse
@brian_simmons Thanks so much for the feedback, Brian.
ali mirza@alimirza2k · Growth Marketer & Digital Entrepreneur
Seems like a great product to manage my communications. The fewer places I have to go check, the better.
David RathmannMaker@drathm · Founder, VP of Product @ Umuse
@alimirza2k Thanks, Ali! We'd love any additional feedback you can share!
Nick Lekuona@nicklekuona · Chief Reader at Nimbooks.
Dived down to try Umuse in search of a cure for my messaging overload; unfortunately couldn't find it as it only supports (as of today) Gmail and Slack accounts. Will wait until further development is done as my needs include, on top of Gmail and Slack, Exchange, Outlook, iCloud, Yahoo, generic IMAP and POP3, Hangouts, Skype, Whatsapp, Telegram and Messenger. Yep, a mess. In the time Umuse rises to the challenge, I'll keep managing with Airmail and Franz...
David RathmannMaker@drathm · Founder, VP of Product @ Umuse
@nicklekuona Hi Nick - thanks for the feedback and for giving us a try. We do have plans to add additional integrations - Gmail + Slack is just our jumping off point. Which of the channels you've listed are causing your biggest pain points - or is it all of the above? Again, thanks for trying us out! We hope to eventually help you find a cure for message overload!