Umbra app

The missing app for dark mode

Umbra is a little menu bar app that lets you specify different desktop wallpapers for both light & dark appearances in macOS. Umbra also allows you to quickly toggle dark mode in a single click, rather than digging around in system preferences.
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Hey Product Hunt! We made Umbra because we wanted to be able to choose different wallpapers for light & dark modes on our Macs and a quick way to switch between them. It's a tiny utility, but crafted lovingly. Any $ will go towards future development and improvements (we have a couple ideas we're working on already).
Any plans for auto dark/light based on system time/location?
@gingerbeardman Definitely on our 'want' list. macOS allows you to set dark mode automatically based on system time (which will trigger Umbra) but doesn't allow any fine tuning of that setting
@alasdair_monk I am still on Mojave and haven't noticed that system feature so I guess it's Catalina-only? I also now see that your app is Catalina-only too. Ah, well. I currently use NightOwl app to change mode automatically, and a dynamic wallpaper, but I'd prefer distinct wallpapers and less apps running. cc @_stefanzweifel
Really clever idea, great to see!
Hah, that's neat!