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I'm a HUGE fan of Umano. Like many products, it took me several weeks to become a daily routine. It now lives on my homescreen. I listen to several long-form podcasts and have found Umano to be a good compliment to consume content in short bursts while getting ready in the morning or cooking dinner. I also read a lot of blogs but the attention and cognitive effort required to read is often too demanding. P.S. a few of my articles have been narrated. :) E.g. and
Hey @rrhoover - We identified a pain point some of our friends were having. They weren't satisfied with existing audio solutions like podcasts, TTS, etc. so it eventually lead us to ask, "Could we get real people to read us TechCrunch?" In fact, the very first article we recorded was MG Siegler's "Apple's Magic is In the Turn, not the Prestige" (
@ianmendiola - I've found asking friends for feedback can be very misleading because they want to appease you. I'm curious to know what you did after that initial outreach to further validate demand and market size?
Hey, @ianmendiola (CEO of Umano). How did you and the team come up with the idea for Umano originally?
Thanks for hanging out with us @ianmendiola! How do you pick which articles to record?