Ulysses III

A powerful writing tool for Mac, iPad, and iPhone

Ulysses provides a pleasant, focused writing experience combined with effective document management, fast syncing and flexible export make Ulysses the first choice for writers of all kinds.

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I've never stuck with Ulysses when trying it in the past but I recently discovered it has a feature I've been hunting for everywhere: if you use iCloud for syncing (doesn't work with Dropbox files), you can add comments that don't show up in your Markdown previews, which means you can comment out sections of your writing, just like you can with code. So useful when trying out different angles, or testing whether you can cut big sections.
@BelleBCooper I love sublime, so I love this :D The text editor for for writing geeks!
I'm a long-time user of Draft by @natekontny, which is particularly great for storing all my writing online and receiving detailed feedback on my writing. Another creative, complementary hunt is Hemingway, a tool to help improve one's writing.
@rrhoover @natekontny Hemmingway is really cool.
Hi all, it's great to see you like Ulysses! I'm Max, co-founder of The Soulmen, makers of this writing app. I’ll be happy to answer your questions – ask me anything :)
@macguru17 Looks awesome - I've been looking for a MD editor that has good sidebar file organization. Tried Writer Pro and others, and now I just use Sublime, which isn't so great for writing. Any plans on adding Dropbox support in the future?
@jeffshin @macguru17 You can use it with Dropbox now, it just means you miss some of the features like adding inline comments and notes. You just add an external source and choose your Dropbox folder, or a folder within that.
@BelleBCooper @jeffshin that's the answer. Let me add that we're planning to add support for more features to external sources in Dropbox. However that's not too easy given the huge number of Markdown slangs and dialects.
@macguru17 @jeffshin Thanks Max. And am I right in thinking that if I use iCloud to take advantage of all the features, I can only sync with Deadalus on my iPhone, no other editor?
@BelleBCooper @jeffshin not quite, unfortunately. The iCloud section currently syncs only between Ulysses on Macs. Daedalus has a separate section and does also not support the full feature set. The good news is, however, that we've come pretty far with an iPad version of Ulysses and hope to release it in the coming months. After that we'll also bring it to iPhone.
Can't wait for the next edition. Ulysses IV: Bro, Do You Even Write?
I type my important stuff in a Gmail draft because it has the best auto-save feature out there :)
@Virtualgoodz Ulysses has auto-save built in as well, saving every change you do every few seconds. Plus there's an automatic version history for anything you're working on for a longer period of time.