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Hi Product Hunt! I'm Max, co-founder of the Soulmen, the makers of Ulysses. Thank you so much for having us again! After re-thinking the text editor with Ulysses for Mac (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) in 2013 and expending this idea to iPad (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...) just around this time last year, we are finally able to offer a consistent writing environment on all platforms. Now it no longer matters where you are – You can always write, edit, draft, review, read or export your texts. You will always have your entire library available at your finger tips. Never miss that text you wrote on your desktop or this one note you shot down while on the road. Everything you've ever written (that's in Ulysses) will always be available. We believe this gives writers an unprecedented freedom to work: Write. Anything. Anywhere. Thank you all for the kind words. I'll stick around and try to answer all your questions if you have any!
@macguru17 hey there, can this be used to write for Kindle?
@macguru17 Adding to my writing list here on PH. Really solid. Might sway me over from 1Writer (I use Scrivener mainly, as well as Papier, and Evernote)
@leewynne Ulysses can export directly to ePub. You can then convert those using Amazon's tools to the Kindle format.
Oh boy, here it is: the long-awaited Ulysses 2.5 aka Ulysses Mobile! The earlier version was ab fab on the iPad, now it's even better as a universal app so one can use it on the iPhone too! Imho the best writing app for Mac, iPad and iPhone.
Best writing app for iPad, Mac, and now iPhone, full stop.
I love Ulysses on the Mac so I'm glad to see this come to my phone. Finally I get jot down a blog post outline on my phone and pick it up the Mac when I have more time. Love it!
@macguru17 One things that's missing for me displaying images inline while editing. Also, a way to directly link to a specific note using a URL scheme (Mac+iOS). Anyway, great product :)
@tomislav thanks :) Directly linking to sheets might become available as soon as in the next version. Inline display of images is still under discussion, as it has a lot of implications and dependencies.