An app that makes group expenses easier

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Clement, co-founder of Ulys here! Thanks for hunting us @NeerajT4 and hello Product Hunters 👋 We're super excited and happy to present you Ulys! Ulys is the new mobile application to make your expenses between your friends easier. As students, we used to roommates with friends. And it was very difficult to manage our money when we had to buy some grocery, pay the rent or go to a pub together. So we decide to create a tool which avoids all these problems. Ulys shows up :D With Ulys you have an eye of who owes to whom. It’s quick and easy, you invite your friends in an Ulys group and add your expenses you made with them during a journey, restaurant, pub, etc. At the end, you have a simple view which resumes all your expenses. Ulys is connected to the cloud to permit everyone access to their accounts and obviously Ulys work online and offline. To miss nothing, we add a simple notification feature which notify you when a new expense concern you. The best in this app is that you can use it for going on holiday with friends, with your work team or for the pernicketiest, use it in a couple. We're looking forward to hearing your feedback and questions! Thank you!
@clement_jlt All the best! 😊
Hi first of all congrats on the app! Small question though, what differentiates yourself with apps such as Splitwise or Tricount ?
@ovanek33 This is an excellent question! We used to use those great applications, but every time, something missed. Ulys is different because it wants to break the financials rules existing with an interface friendlier. We based on the development of this app on the user experiences and the design. The other difference is the notification. All the expenses made by a member of a group will notify the concerned people to avoid mistakes or to let your friends know if you had or not an expense. We also had a label features which sort expenses. We plan to use those labels to create easy feedback on your expenses. And many new features will be developed 😃!
Nice idea, your product is great looking and useful for my roomate! Did you implement a notification system to alert my friends when I add an expense?
Hey @simon, Actually yes there is a built-in notifications sender in Ulys. Everytime someone will add an expense, his/her concerned friends will get a notification about how much monney it was and who added it, this way you can't add expenses without people in your account knowing !
Nice product guys, the notifications seems like a killer feature! Do you have a webapp on the roadmap, in order to check the expenses more thoroughly?
Hey @robin_choy, For now we focus on trying to implement the possibility to reimburse your friends directly from the app, we're not working on a web app yet, but we will as soon as the think that this would be interesting for users !
Congrats on the launch guys!
Hey @mathieuspiry, Thanks for you support !