An app that makes group expenses easier

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Clement Jlt
@clement_jlt · Co-founter Ulys
Clement, co-founder of Ulys here! Thanks for hunting us @NeerajT4 and hello Product Hunters 👋 We're super excited and happy to present you Ulys! Ulys is the new mobile application to make your expenses between your friends easier. As students, we used to roommates with friends. And it was very difficult to manage our money when we had to buy some grocery… See more
Clement D.
@ovanek33 · Student
Hi first of all congrats on the app! Small question though, what differentiates yourself with apps such as Splitwise or Tricount ?
Mathieu Spiry
@mathieuspiry · CEO, Comet
Congrats on the launch guys!
Simon Févry
@simonfevry · Co-founder, Uman
Nice idea, your product is great looking and useful for my roomate! Did you implement a notification system to alert my friends when I add an expense?
Robin Choy
Nice product guys, the notifications seems like a killer feature! Do you have a webapp on the roadmap, in order to check the expenses more thoroughly?