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Blase Biello — BD/Marketing | Content, UltraPress
Hi everyone! UltraPress is one of the largest and fastest online custom apparel companies in the US. We are all about speed, price, and quality. We offer standard 4 business day turnaround with free shipping on every order. The industry still operates on a 10 - 14 day turnaround and will charge an arm and a leg for 4 day rush service. How do we do this? We have 16 production facilities located 1 day away from 95% of the US population. We pride ourselves on great customer service, high quality printing, and of course speed + price. We're at least 20% cheaper than CustomInk and other online services. If you happen to find a lower price elsewhere, feel free to send me your quote at blase@ultrapress.com and I'd be happy to beat it!
Sam Doshi — Co Founder @ Relayo.com
@blasebiello @ultrapress Speed! 4 days is blazingly fast. Cool service.
Shlok Vaidya — Integration Product at Planview, Writer
@blasebiello @ultrapress Cool. I'm curious: What's the backend look like? Are you on top of something like Hubcast or another cloud printing platform or did you roll it yourselves?
Blase Biello — BD/Marketing | Content, UltraPress
@shloky @ultrapress The whole platform is custom, back-end is built on Django and front-end is built on AngularJS.
Jordan Gardiner — Web Developer, JSAcreative
@blasebiello @ultrapress Super cool service, however there's absolutely nothing on your site to indicate whether or not you accept overseas orders. I'm assuming you don't, so can you place something in your Help Center/FAQ to state as such? It saves us inferior overseas folk from spending 5 minutes traversing the site for answers :P
Jason Wei — Co-founder, UltraPress
@jordsta @blasebiello @ultrapress Great idea. We'll definitely make that information more prominent. Hopefully we expand overseas soon!
Blase Biello — BD/Marketing | Content, UltraPress
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