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Hi everyone! UltraPress is one of the largest and fastest online custom apparel companies in the US. We are all about speed, price, and quality. We offer standard 4 business day turnaround with free shipping on every order. The industry still operates on a 10 - 14 day turnaround and will charge an arm and a leg for 4 day rush service. How do we do this? We have 16 production facilities located 1 day away from 95% of the US population. We pride ourselves on great customer service, high quality printing, and of course speed + price. We're at least 20% cheaper than CustomInk and other online services. If you happen to find a lower price elsewhere, feel free to send me your quote at blase@ultrapress.com and I'd be happy to beat it!
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@blasebiello @ultrapress Speed! 4 days is blazingly fast. Cool service.
@blasebiello @ultrapress Cool. I'm curious: What's the backend look like? Are you on top of something like Hubcast or another cloud printing platform or did you roll it yourselves?
@shloky @ultrapress The whole platform is custom, back-end is built on Django and front-end is built on AngularJS.
@blasebiello @ultrapress Super cool service, however there's absolutely nothing on your site to indicate whether or not you accept overseas orders. I'm assuming you don't, so can you place something in your Help Center/FAQ to state as such? It saves us inferior overseas folk from spending 5 minutes traversing the site for answers :P
@jordsta @blasebiello @ultrapress Great idea. We'll definitely make that information more prominent. Hopefully we expand overseas soon!
Great service. I like it when these type of websites are simple and easy to use like this one. Congrats @blasebiello!
@aparkhills Appreciate the kind words!
Hello Hunters ! Hi @blasebiello, I loved this site as well as your offering but I do have some question ( as well as some feedback :) ) First question, See, I am working on a startup which needs custom printed T-shirts , mugs, bands etc to be shipped at various locations ( currently in India, but have plan to make it available in US too ) So, Can you take bulk orders or on-demand orders and ship it to the customers on our behalf? In a way, you will be our manufacturing and shipping partner . What do you say? Now feedback: When you put emphasis on speed and price, never forget the quality part of the product. Everybody wants things cheaper and quicker but no body wants to compromise the quality . All your headings/taglines seem to be focusing on either on low cost or time. For example: Your tagline on @producthunt says : " Custom apparel, delivered in 4 business days. " - Focused on Time. your heading /meta description on @ultrapress homepage: " Design Studio: Cheap and fast custom apparel online. " - Focused on cheapness and time. Your uncompromising attitude towards quality is missing in these taglines. Though it's just a feedback. I am sure that your team must have thought a lot before coming to any conclusion. All the very best for a great success! PS: This is my first comment on @producthunt . Thanks @mscccc for inviting me here :)
@niteshmanav @producthunt @ultrapress @mscccc Nitesh - Currently, we're only focusing on shipping bulk orders directly to customers, and not on fulfillment. Thank you for the great feedback! Each of our 16 facilities prints at high retail quality standards, so we'll definitely add in copy regarding quality. Honored to be your first PH comment!
@blasebiello @producthunt @ultrapress : Thank you for the prompt reply :) I will wait for "fulfillment" kind of facility on your site.
Curious what QTY of t-shirts the 4 day turn around is for - our usual order at Customink is for 600 t-shirts. We do this roughly twice a year. Do you send out a proof t-shirt for orders greater then 250 ? What about padding the order just incase of defects? Customink does this for us. And the Accessories page returns 0 products :(
@mariogiambanco Mario - Our minimum quantity for 4 day turnaround is 12 pieces, and the maximum quantity would depend on the details of the print but 600 doesn't sound like a problem. We may suggest adding in a day just so we're on the safe side. Here's what we do proof wise for our bulk customers: - Every order gets detailed print ready proofs. We include everything from close ups of the art, the exact pantone codes for the ink, and dimensions of the print. - We can also request a photo proof of the shirt. We will set up your order, print one off, send you a picture to approve, and won't print off the rest until you're happy. - For a small fee, we can even print off 12 pieces and send it to you so you have the exact physical product to approve. If you end up continuing with your larger order, we refund you the sample fee. Each order, by the way, comes with free design help. You would just need to comment what changes you would like and our art team will reflect it in the proofs. When it comes to padding, we do pad the quantity so at the very least you will get the exact number of garments you ordered. Shoot me an email at blase@ultrapress.com with your order details and I can get you a price quote so you could see how much you'd be saving at UltraPress.