A fast, fun and intuitive photo editing app

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In an world full of high quality photo editing apps it's pretty difficult to create something new that stands out in the crowd. Ultralight succeeds. Its approach to editing shots is intuitive and fun. It's got lots of options and controls that make it a welcome addition to the toolkit of the serious (and not so serious) photographer.
@t55 Thanks Ton!
Hi everyone! I designed and developed Ultralight and if you have used the app it would be great to hear your first impressions and feedback! With the design, I wanted to give the users a lot of freedom and expressivity still keeping the user interface simple and minimalistic. Currently I’m working on making it possible to save custom filter presets to create your own filter collection. www.ultralightapp.com
@timikoponen It's a very crowded space with lots of great apps. But your minimal direct manipulation approach to photo editing is lovely. Happy to see classic image adjustment controls mapped so nicely to controls that encourage quick experimentation. And even teach: your level controls would be a nice introduction to image histograms. :) Well done!
@tomng Thanks Tom! Yes indeed the photo editing category is very crowded and the competition tough. But great to hear feedback like this, I really appreciate it!