Ultimate Digital Design Guide

Guide to optimization using Eye Tracking & Emotion Analytics

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Love the heat map on the Product Hunt logo!
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To celebrate measuring over 500M gaze points across digital media, our team has put together an awesome guide on things we have seen that differentiate the top performing websites, digital videos, ads and other media from average. - A well-made digital ad creates 10x longer visual engagement - Slighting moving your CTA button can increase the number of people who see it by 2x and cut the time in half. - Optimizing the number of words in a paragraph of a website to how many people actually read drastically costs drop-out - If you sell things on eCommerce sites, creating imagery and text which earns 1 more second of engagement raises purchase 50-500% - Making people smile in your video doubles sharing and for brands increases actual purchase by 144% on average (And many more awesome and crazy things you can do to optimize your success) To all those digital optimizers out there, we salute you!
Does this work with WIX websites?
@voicewiz Yes it works with WIX websites. It works with any website!
Cool guidebook! I found the part about emotional trajectories on page 10 to be interesting, but what does an emotional trajectory tell you about a video?
@dm0n0 Emotional trajectories are a graphical map of what the viewer feels while they’re watching the video! You can use them to predict purchase intent and brand recall, among other things. In general, it’s good to end on a high note so that people have a positive association with your brand/message. This sounds obvious, but Sticky gives you an objective way to measure how well you achieve those goals!
Why is this better than click tracking?
@collegelabor - you can think of page and click tracking as accounting for about 1% of an actual digital experience. Who got there and then the fact that 99.99% of people bounced. But it doesn’t identify where they dropped off. By measuring the entire experience, you can know how many words they read, what they engaged with, what they missed and if there is video, if they had an emotional response.
@hcl337 interesting perspective. I guess, I never thought about it like that. But how much does something like this cost?
@collegelabor Click only measures 1% of the user experience. Using eye tracking and facial analysis, you can measure the other 99%. As we all know, if we can not measure it, you can not improve it! Measurements using eye tracing and facial analysis include, what users look at or SKIP, what they read or SKIM , and what emotions are evoked which drives click, purchase and brand recall.
@jeantemplin yes, thanks for clarifying, but how does it compare in terms of price?
@collegelabor Currently we are offering a special price of $149 to test your website, email or video on 100 users. That is only $1.49 per user!