Ultimate Cold Email Research

The #1 guide to doing research before sending cold emails

Sending cold emails won't help your job search or sales cycle if every email you send gets ignored by Very Busy People. Emails that look like spam get ignored by the vast majority of Very Busy People you want to talk to. Doing quality outreach means doing research on your targets before you email them.

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Zak Slayback
Career Expert. | Mktg @ 1517 Fund
Hey Product Hunters! I want to give you my guide to doing research before doing cold email (or cold calls, or cold Instagram messaging, or cold carrier-pigeon). If you've ever received a cold email, you know that the vast majority of them SUCK. They suck because they look like spam (often, they are spam): they look like a mail merged message sent to everybody with the same title or working at the same kind of company. The emails you actually look at (and more importantly, reply to) were sent by somebody who did their research on you or your company before reaching out. RESEARCH WORKS. DO IT. And do more than just skim somebody's LinkedIn profile. Depending on who they are and what they do, you may want to go to often-ignored sources like YouTube, Quora, Medium, or Angel List. This guide breaks down my favorite places to do research on people before emailing, calling, or meeting them. I walk you through what kind of hooks to look for beyond your typical points of rapport and how you can incorporate those hooks into your messages. I give you real-world examples of clients I've helped one-on-one incorporate research into their outreach and get better and faster closes and deeper relationships. This is a great resource for anybody: * Working in a sales role. * Fundraising (I give a couple examples about reaching out to investors). * Looking to get media attention. * Looking to get their foot in the door at their dream job. * Running their own consulting business. No sleaze. No tricks. Nothing that will make you feel bad. Just the best places to find sincere research. I threw in my 12 favorite email scripts as a bonus, as I reference them throughout the guide, too. Hope you can get the benefits that I and those I work with see by running through this guide!
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