Ultaa Chaata

An inverted umbrella to convert rain water to potable water

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Shahed Khan
Shahed KhanHiring@_shahedk · Founder @ Loom
Love the name 😂
Alex Siminoff
Alex SiminoffHiring@alexsiminoff · Growth Hacker at Impulse
That's a sweet concept. It would be even better if it was drinkable water.
Angad Singh
Angad Singh@preetangad · Founder of Cassette
@alexsiminoff I think that's what they mean by "potable"?
Jyothirmayee JT
Jyothirmayee JT@jyothirmayee · Creator @Intutel. Founder @HiveMinds
Interesting. But isn't the quantity collected much lesser than what can be achieved by the rain water harvesting drive done from the muncipal if only it was strictly implemented?
Uday Kiran
Uday Kiran@ukiran_2 · SEO
Amazing product. Sent request to know more about ultaa chaata.
Manish R. Jain
Manish R. Jain@mrjain_ · Co-founder, MProfit
Great name and what an awesome idea. Sign me up!