Modern Craigslist and Nextdoor for urban nomads

uLouder is a simple way to reach out to people around you. uLouder fills the gap with others nearby, connecting you with new people and friends surrounding you without any following system.

• Have an urgent matter? Share it and get help from people around you.

• Planning something? Post it and do it together with friends, or even new people!

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Feedback: If you are going to have a landing page for your mobile app, why not at least have some description?
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@tostartafire Thank you for the kind feedback. Actually, we had before as all the others. However, in order to make our success written in the books, we should create our own path and prepare some unique materials that we are going to do. Do you have any recommendation besides introductive short video?
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Hey @demirerim, What do users use this app for the most?
@jacqvon class note sharing (universities) and local announcements (dog walker, tennis lesson etc.)
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