Quantified keyboard activity


ulogme is one of those hidden gems of GitHub. It tracks your keyboard usage *locally* and comes with some rudimentary-looking, but pretty informative visualizations of your activity. (I only just realized when posting this that it was made by Andrej Karpathy (Dir. of AI at Tesla) back in the day)

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I was looking for something to track my typing and general computing throughout the day and came across this really cool open source project. It runs locally so there is no exposure of what amounts to pretty sensitive data. The charts are really great, the UI is basic, but does the job. It's also customizable so you can group different apps, write notes to explain certain data points, or provide context for a certain day, etc. The README is also really clear and the code is well documented making it pretty easy for even a novice developer to customize it.


Granular data


Fills a quantified-self data collection gap

Great documentation

Free/open source

Locally run


Very basic design

No native integrations with other QS apps