Ulna Photos

Get free stock photos while turning your photos into cash

Ulna Photos is a stock photo service that merges two sides of the industry. Download high-resolution free stock photos and the photographer are paid based on impressions.

Hassle free - no subscriptions, no credits, no need to register!

Find photos and learn how to be a contributor.

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Hey @terrillowalls, looking good! Where does the $ come from before it reaches the photographer? Your website doesn't explain this part.
Hey this is a great question @amrith and @igoruphere. The revenue used to pay photographers comes from the website advertising. A revenue share of the CPM. I’m going to add this information to website with more details.
I uploaded 2 pictures of my farm but it’s showing not original what to do?
I'm lacking information on how you ensure impressions for a photo? For example if someone uses my photos on Instagram.
@antony_sastre good question. First thing the image would be denied. Behind the scenes the Ulna technology only approves an original photo from a camera. Not a screenshot or any computer generated photo. Each photo is also manually approved. Second, I’ll be rolling out new reporting tools this week.
Hello everyone. Let me know if you have any questions!