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Ulna Photos is a stock photo service that merges two sides of the industry. Download high-resolution free stock photos and the photographer are paid based on impressions.

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Igor Akulov@igoruphere · Founder of Picax
Hey @terrillowalls, looking good! Where does the $ come from before it reaches the photographer? Your website doesn't explain this part.
Amrith Shanbhag@amrith · Community at Product Hunt & Feathrd
@terrillowalls @igoruphere I'm curious too.
Terrillo WallsMaker@terrillowalls · Software Engineer & Technology Director
Hey this is a great question @amrith and @igoruphere. The revenue used to pay photographers comes from the website advertising. A revenue share of the CPM. I’m going to add this information to website with more details.
Rahul Nimje@rahul_nimje · iOS developer
I uploaded 2 pictures of my farm but it’s showing not original what to do?
Antony Sastre@antony_sastre
I'm lacking information on how you ensure impressions for a photo? For example if someone uses my photos on Instagram.
Terrillo WallsMaker@terrillowalls · Software Engineer & Technology Director
@antony_sastre good question. First thing the image would be denied. Behind the scenes the Ulna technology only approves an original photo from a camera. Not a screenshot or any computer generated photo. Each photo is also manually approved. Second, I’ll be rolling out new reporting tools this week.
Terrillo WallsMaker@terrillowalls · Software Engineer & Technology Director
Hello everyone. Let me know if you have any questions!