Smart drinking reminder that attaches to your bottle & glows

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I've been using it now for over a month and I can't believe how my relationship with water has changed
@matijarijavec tnx! this kind of feedback makes it all worth it!
love it. definitely something I forget to do during the day - and I think we can all be better at. Thanks for making it!
@ctres many thanks.
I did a similar project a few years back. It would be really interesting to focus your project around our older generation. Dehydration is a huge problem among our elderly, and drinking enough water could prevent so many things, especially in that target group.
@rikvandonselaar thank you for this! Would love to hear more about your project.
@cicagajic Great product. We are now producing a service for the aging population and I am sure we can collaborate for new features with this product. Can you give me your email so we can contact?
Did someone say glowing?
Hmmm... If I already have a water bottle with me (which with this, I would have) - then will having something that glows really make me drink that much more? I'm skeptical. I find having a water bottle with me is enough to drink more. Keen to hear the story here
@bentossell Hi Ben, great question. Our qualitative research has shown that people even though have a bottle or a glass full of water in front of them, they still forget to drink – I was one among them. It sounds silly to someone who already drinks water regularly – I completely agree, but as silly as it sounds people while busy and into our tasks just forget to pick up the bottle in front of our noses. This is why we need a reminder, one that catches our eye and then we do it – at least more often.
@cicagajic @bentossell Very true. I can't tell you how many times I've seen or had random half filled Poland Spring bottles around because I forgot to finish them.