Transform your wireframes into prototypes – automatically

Uizard allows you to transform your wireframes into prototypes — automatically.

Test your ideas in seconds, create high-fidelity prototypes, export front-end code, customize styleguides, export to Sketch, iterate fast!

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I'm not the most graphically inclined person on the planet, I'm not big on the Adobe suite or CSS, but I can certainly sketch down some ideas on a piece of paper or a whiteboard.

I've been looking forward to a tool that would take these sketches, and convert it to something I can use directly in my apps. And Uizard does exactly this.

Can't wait to finally give a face to all my small projects! 🙌


- Cuts down time to prototype

- Lowers barrier for people with less frontend expertise to create

- Convert sketches to UI instantly!


None? Have yet to see the pricing model ;-)

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Hi hunters and makers! It should only take seconds to test new ideas, not hours. Uizard allows you to transform your wireframes into functional prototypes automatically so you can build apps and websites faster! 🚀 Draw your wireframe, snap a picture, test your prototype. Voilà! 😍 You can export front-end code, create your very own styleguides, and export to Sketch. 🎨 We can’t wait to see all the amazing products you will create with it! 😱 If a picture is worth a thousand words, a prototype is worth a thousand meetings.
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We've seen a number of similar products that claim to speed up the development process from design to code. We'e had this since early internet days – the first site I built was in Dreamweaver. But I don't know any "serious" startups using tools like this (maybe I'm mistaken?). Perhaps these tools are better for quick MVPs/prototypes? Curious to hear your thoughts on this, @tonyb and team.
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@rrhoover Thanks for your comment! 🙂 Very good point and totally agree with you Ryan: there have been, and there still are, so many tools claiming to speed up the development process from design to code. I still remember my own struggles using Dreamweaver for generating HTML/CSS 😅 What we think is different is the availability of much more powerful technologies that better align with the way we work as people. In our case, being able to use machine learning and computer vision to let computers understand what I draw on the whiteboard when I have design sprints with my team. Suddenly, I don't have to learn yet another tool anymore: I can let software assist me automatically and put a working prototype in the hand of my customer at the end of the meeting.
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@rrhoover @tonyb I love the idea of drawing your mockups and instantly having the prototype of your UI, I know that writing code is just one way to tell computers what to do, typing is a slow input method, using visual language to give instructions is the most efficient way to communicate as humans, but there is an issue with computers and that is the fact that writing code is a creative process and computers are logical devices, So if there is a development process that is trying to skip the "pain of writing code" in my honest opinion, I think is going in the same path of Dreamweaver, remember to have a high quality software we need to let developers have flexibility a free control over the code and in the other hand what is the goal of having the code of the mockup if the developer is going to change or refactor the code in one day or in another (because that's a natural thing that happens), I think is easier and faster to prototype using tools as framer, XD or Sketch and then write the code. To find a real solution to fix this broken industry is helping the developer to suffer less, yes automate part of the development process with AI, templates, and libraries is great but we need tools to empower us in the way of how we are writing code, I'm currently working in a tool to give to the developers atomic control over the code of their projects our focus is to let developers create apps that are easy to maintain, we are addressing the "same problem that you" but we are trying to go in other direction to avoid the Dreamweaver Paradox because writing code (FOR HUMANS) is essential and can't be replaced, if you want to read more we have a post with our vision on this topic: https://medium.com/@imdohnny/ann...

Let's see how it you feel after you try it out


- Saves time! Bye-bye back and forth communication for web design

- Focus directly on conversion optimisation instead of UI production time


Not sure yet

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Had the chance to meet with the team at WebSummit, and their vision is fascinating! The tool is still in its early days, yet you can feel the founders' passion for design & well crafted products. I'd recommend to anyone to try it out as it has this "magic-like" feeling to it. Great job again team, looking forward to playing with the official release 😉
@widawskij Thanks for the support and the kind words Jonathan 😃