Uix Page Builder

User-friendly, drag + drop, online visual editing

Uix Page Builder is a design system that it is simple content creation interface. Drag & Drop, User-friendly and online Visual Editing.

Making Purpose Work:

1. Using simple configuration file to completely customize modules in admin panel, default templates and front-end effects.

2. For the theme developer. Including me.

3. Completely FREE Tool

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Looks interesting!
@e_a_siblu Different people like different ways to doing something. I'd like to develop some simple plugins of their own used. :)
Yea this is pretty great. It’s hard to do these things right but this looks like a nice go at it.
@startupsync Thanks. There are some similar products on the internet, but the total feeling can not meet my own customization needs. it is mainly in accordance with my idea to do, and easy to use. In fact, the technology is not complicated.
Looks really good - simple, well designed and useful. Would you mind telling us what makes your web design system different from other tools?
@learnuxio It is not powerful, but also as a learning process for me. In fact, the purpose of doing it is mainly to face the theme developer. You can through a simple file to completely customize the page builder's modules in admin panel, premade templates and front-end effects. Because some page builders feel complicated and not free. :) Of course, I will use it to do some interesting themes, do not use the default. The default template is very ordinary just as a choice for ordinary users. Perhaps the habit of the theme developer is different, I just want to have a free and more simple builder. It is just a choice. It is my work in the process of learning. I can not guarantee its advantages. :)
@chuckiechang Thank you for you reply! :)