Free Professional Logo Placeholders

More than 25+ professionally designed logos and plugin that help you get dummy logos directly into sketchapp.

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4 Reviews5.0/5

Though I was hoping to more about of how it was made and what inspired him to create it.


Beautifully crafted, inspiring.


Not available for Illustrator and XD.

Thank you Aamir for using it. This all started when I was working on a project and want to add some logos in my mock. I need some sort of logo as placeholder for featured section. There are one or two plugins available out there to insert brand logos in sketch but not flexible or outdated. I already have some logo marks either rejected or not picked by client. So, I start learning about sketch plugin and result is here - uiLogos 😀 I will release plugin for Adobe XD in upcoming weeks. You can download Illustrator file from website

I really like what Vijay did. I know him for few years, he is great designer and everything he do, he do it nicely.


Free, nice logo designs, both logomark and logotype versions


Not really cons, but Adobe XD is missing, which i know is coming soon.

This plugin solves a very basic problem which takes lot of time to do. I love the way it’s built and it’s very easy use. Great work. Cheers 😊
Hello guys! uiLogos is a free professionally designed collection of logos. Now, you can insert logo directly in your mock, design and presentation. I made this for sketch app, but you can download raw file and customise as per your need. Working hard to release for Adobe XD in upcoming week. More logos is in process. Share your feedback. ✌️
@realvjy Adobe XD is what I am waiting for. That's my tool Vijay 😃
Nice work, i hope this product ready for XD 👍
@donie_ahmad Thanks! I'll release this for XD soon, probably end of this month ✌️

very useful for mockup


Clean and simple


Not available for XD

Thanks! Soon XD