A minimal, UI-focused programming language for web designers

#5 Product of the WeekSeptember 02, 2014
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Glad you guys are enjoying it :) Let me know if I can help in any way!
Interesting concept. However, it wasn't 100% clear to me from the website that "clicking on X adds class Y on Z" is actual code. I simply left the website puzzled. Now I get it but only from comments on producthunt.com
I think this post describes the philosophy behind uilang well: https://medium.com/bdc/the-educa...
It's great for people that don't know anything about programming, but I'm not a big fan of the descriptive coding - "clicking on X adds class Y on Z" especially that you need to include it in the HTML.
Great work @bdc! I wished the landing page had taken the angle of your educational blog post. Calling it a "programming language" is a little scary; I would have loved to see the value proposition ease beginners into JS more (i.e. JS Learning Library).