An intelligent marketing AI for social media

Hey guys, Thank you @mrmambwe for recommending us, and thanks @bentossell for the comment. The concern that Ben mentioned is exactly what we want to solve. We think Ad should only show up when it is actually needed. We may call this “On-demand Ad”. Thus, instead of spamming people, uiicorn uses Deep Learning and AI to minimise these annoying messages, and make digital marketing more efficient. Also, either by machines or by human beings, social media monitoring is a natural being. Those companies who are using “keyword” monitoring are always trying to generate potential leads from social media. However, using “keyword” returns too many noisy results (which is one of the reasons for spam), and hiring a marketer costs too high. Too some extend, we are actually keeping those users who do not want to be disturbed away from the ads, and meanwhile, saving companies’ time and money. For our clients, all you need to do is: command uiicorn AI in Natural Language. Done. uiicorn AI will take care of the rest. Don't worry about the AI becoming too crazy, you always have a full control over it. We’ve just launched our beta version, feel free to register an account and play with the AI :P We are really really happy to hear any feedbacks about this product. If you have any questions, please drop us a mail: hello@uiitech.com Best, Aaron
It's a shame that brands will start doing this I think. Social should be that, social - talking with people. I'm very pro-AI/messaging apps/etc but they shouldn't be making their way replying to my tweets IMO
@bentossell I think that's a fair point, i'm not a fan of random twitter marketing campaigns. Although I thought their semantic understanding and timeline learning features are at the very least a step in the right direction when it comes to automated marketing in general. To me it's the lesser of many marketing evils, and if the AI gets really good at identifying the right users that a particular product/service can genuinely benefit, then perhaps my hashtags won't get randomly spammed if more brands use services like this.
@bentossell Hi Ben, thanks for your comment. Here are three things to clarify: 1. Our product is going to solve the spammy problem on current social media ads solutions. The useful "ads" will only be shown when you potentially need, but not inserted into your feed stream rigidly. 2. We respect to the privacy right of social media users, so we will only proceed on public-based social media network. 3. Our AI only assists the human marketer to search out the potential customers and their posts, and help he/she to generate replies. All the final decisions are made by human(replies will be delivered after being approved ). So it can prevent the spammy problem from the source.
Heads up, "Reset" is spelled wrong on the password reset form, and a bigger issue, your sign up validation doesn't work. It told me my password was too short, and gave me an error telling me to try again yet I got the account creation email anyway and was unable to sign in with the password I'd signed up with (but was told was too short).
@itsthisjustin Hi Justin, Thanks for your report. the spelling mistake has been fixed. However, we found your account is in normal state. Could you please try to reset your password again? If you still have problem on login, please drop a email to hello@uiitech.com. Sorry about any inconvenience for you.
Signup goes top 502 Bad Gateway ...uggghhg
@saijo_george was upgrading the server, sorry. Should be fine now.
Hi Guys, we need to meet when I am in London. I get back from SF on Monday. Do you have any time toward the back end of the week?
@harrystebbings Sure,how about afternoon of the next Tuesday