Turn design into a clean, semantic HTML and CSS code

#5 Product of the DayDecember 07, 2018

UIConstructor is a tool that allows you to easily change the visual version of a website or other project to clean and semantic html and css code. It gives You the option to share your projects with other users and share your comments.

We wanted the teams of designers and coders to be able to create projects together and share their remarks.

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Cool concept! I do both design and coding, here is some feedback: I would like/need: - a layers panel on the left side (abstract form of the html), like in Figma/Sketch. - side bar with +/- approach like in Figma/Sketch, instead of the collapsible panels. In this way you can easily see what the changes are from the default. - some sort of style/class management. - CSS grid. - to be able to reorder individual elements, now it seems like you can only move around the major blocks. - a view where you can see html/css/result in one screen, similar to JSFiddle. - an Adobe Edge Reflow style responsive scrollbar at the top. One more thing: - Many people now use a js frameworks, some type of integration for React/Angular/Vue in the future would be huge! But I understand that might a be a much bigger feature. Looking forward to see the progress, good luck!
@eminsinani Hey ! Thanks for your first feedback. We are constantly working on the development of the application. We already work on some of them, such as moving each element and not just the parent. Your ideas are very interesting and we will definitely use them :) I would like to ask you for your opinion on the price list, could you write what amount you could spend on our application per month? It will be helpful for us when we will create the price list πŸ˜‰
@patryk_przybylski I am probably not the best person to ask this. As an individual designer/developer you do not want to be tied to too many monthly payments, and will always look for a free solution first. Maybe if I would be making enough money with my business, and your tool is very solid and makes my work more efficient, I could see myself paying 5-10$/ month. But I think the Figma business model makes sense to be honest. Figma is free for individual developers, gains many users+feedback, but gets a monthly fee from bigger teams / corporations. I am not sure if that is the answer you were looking for, but hope that helps!
Interesting! Is this like a simplified version of Webflow? Can you explain the difference? I'll be trying it out soon but would like to know in advance what to expect.