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There's been so many of these simple curation sites that I struggle to see the value provided personally. Especially for a site that's aimed at designers, I'd hope for a higher quality design for the site itself. That said, congrats on the launch here Ali. Launching is always an achievement, especially your first on PH! It looks like this will do well today :)
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@fredrivett Thanks Fred. I'm trying to differentiate this site from others by categorizing designs based on the page type (landing page, product page, contact page, etc.). This will make it easy for designers/developers to browse designs based on the page they are creating. There might be similar sites but they usually place page types and design styles together and as such, miss some important categories.
@fredrivett 100% true. Plus the fact of categorizing tends to make people think that they have to fit in some kind of canvas ( you'll be an heretic not using 4 colums on a pricing page, and not having the one on the right being the "entreprise" one) You create with code but you mainly fit in rules. Feels like this 'pattern' reflects on WEBdesigners behaviours. Not sure creativity lies in the slight changes one make on this closed list of mockups
@alihassanm110 Fair play Ali, appreciate your thoughts. Have shared some feedback separately from here. Congrats again on the launch.
Just one word - Wow
Thanks for hunting us Eric :) UI Temple is a collection of modern and beautiful web page designs meant to inspire web designers and developers. Our aim is to share designs for specific page types so that designers/developers will find exactly what they are looking for. Currently, I've added the following categories, but more will be added soon: - Landing Page - Portfolio - Product Page - Pricing Page - Contact Page Feedback will be appreciated :) I'm planning to add amazing new features so stay tuned. Edit: I've added many more filters. You can now filter by industry, type and color :)
@alihassanm110 you should display every categories, dropdowns are dead.
@tchret LOL @ the video link. Yea, I was considering changing it to a horizontal list of categories that will remain visible. But dropdowns may be needed later on when the categories increase.
@alihassanm110 Nice! You should consider adding cancellation pages/flows.
@ananya_kejriwal Thanks :) Can you elaborate on what cancellation page means?
@alihassanm110 Just an idea for a new category. SaaS businesses struggle with the right balance of "letting users cancel easily" with "one last attempt to convince them to stay." Every company does it differently, and there isn't any good resource online that compiles the various flows. So an area of opportunity for you to stand out!
This is a great collection of webstie designs. I do a lot of work for clients and this is another great resource I can add to my list.
@adrianrubin1 That's good to hear!
Super top ! We will try to submit the next version of our MonsieurBarbier.com website in a few weeks, hoping to had a bit of additional value to your UI Temple ! Thank you again for this great curation job and idea. Cheers, barberly yours, Ganael