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#4 Product of the DayApril 13, 2020
UI Sources is one of the largest repositories of mobile design patterns, screenshots and microinteractions.
Built for designers, product managers and CEOs to reduce iteration cycles, gain insights, identify trends & benchmark against competitors.
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Hey everyone! I first launched UI Sources nearly 2 years ago with a couple apps and micro interactions. Since then, I've added over 700+ interactions and 2000+ screenshots of some amazing apps. Here's how I got started: I’m a UI/UX designer and I often find myself installing new apps to check out the design and how they do certain product flows. I then take a bunch of screenshots for future reference. Over time I found screenshots limiting because: 👀 With static screens, it's hard to visualize full product flows ✨The best apps use animations and microinteractions in interesting ways that screenshots just can't capture 📱They would get lost in my camera roll and were hard to find when I needed them Over the past few weeks, I've been working on a redesign to take UI Sources to the next level! The site now has a subscription tier for those that want to support the site and get additional functionality. ✅ There’s now two plans: Free and Pro. All content remains accessible under the Free plan, but advanced filtering has been moved to UI Sources Pro. For all ProductHunters today, I've created a special code for 10% off any plan. Use PRODUCTHUNT2020. Excited to be launching again today, looking forward to hear what you all think!
@abnux Great project, congrats! I was looking for an alternative to Pttrns
@abnux This is really helpful, thanks for making it
Congrats! This is so damn useful!
@abbysingh thanks man! PS: you're featured on the Omio page 😃https://www.uisources.com/app/omio
Dope resource.
Love the team members display for every app! 🔥🤘
thanks! btw you're featured on Cred's page 👀 https://www.uisources.com/app/cr...
Loved it, so many app curation not just as screenshot but also interaction videos. Thanks for building this, it is gonna be really helpful 🙌🏻 Any plans for web based products also as part of the curation?
@iamarnob6543 thanks man! Nope, no plans at the moment. Sticking to mobile for now