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Curated interaction design patterns from the best apps

UI Sources is a curated repository of interaction design. Analyze product flows, features and interactions and get real design inspiration for your own apps. Built for designers, developers, product folks and entrepreneurs.

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👋 Hello Product Hunters! I’m a UI/UX designer and I often find myself installing new apps to check out the design and how they do certain product flows. I then take a bunch of screenshots for future reference. Over time I found screenshots limiting because: * With static screens, it's hard to visualize full product flows * The best apps use animations and microinteractions in interesting ways that screenshots just can't capture * They would get lost in my camera roll and were hard to find when I needed them To solve this, I've curated over 200+ interactions and have another 100+ apps lined up that I'll be adding over the next couple weeks. You can browse by pattern (Onboarding, Inviting friends, Ask permissions etc.) or by App. You can even search if you're looking for something specific that isn't tagged. Would love to hear your feedback and how I can improve this to be more useful for you. Cheers!
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@abnux Very helpful collection you've built here! It's great to get another perspective on the little things that make an app engaging. I'll definitely make some suggestions for new apps on your site. Some other areas to explore might include Cloud Storage, Messaging, Investing, Bookmarking and Vertical Video.
@justinotherjohnson Thanks Justin! Good areas, will look into them
@abnux Congrats on the launch. Looking really great! One feedback: clicking on each video to play seems a lot of work. To make things worse, the video will always loop, so I don't know when it ended. It would be great if it does autoplay in a focused modal.
This is like a nicer & high-quality version of sites like Patterns. Great curation, mate.
@weirdowizard Thanks man! Let's definitely do something together on the Product Disrupt Blog!
@abnux I'm already getting some ideas. Have you thought of some ways we can collaborate?
Great list. Well curated. Loved the presentation and the quality of your selection. Great job @abnux.
@thisiskp_ Thanks KP, glad you liked it!
Great work! This will help designer to get some good inspiration.