UI Sound Kit 2

A new pack of 130 clean and neat UI sounds for app makers

A sound can significantly improve the users’ experience and be useful where GIU can not.

UI Sound Kit 2 is a new pack of 130 UI sounds. Clean and neat. Elaborately designed and tested.

Check out the video and preview!


- Buttons

- Complete and Success

- Notifications and Alerts

- Cancel and Errors

- Misc. Elements

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Hello guys, I'm glad to share my new work with product hunters, and I hope it will help you to make your products better. Also, I attached an article that can be useful to learn the basics of sound in apps. I'm here to help you with sounds or just get feedback. Have a nice day! Thank you very much Chris for hunting me! 👋
Nice sounds! 👌
@nikkimarkov Thanks a lot, Nikita!
Hi! A slightly unrelated question. Why are mobile sounds -20dB? Is this some kind of a convention to make mobile notification sounds quieter? I thought it was the opposite: that I needed to max out the volume of my sound clip so that it can be heard from a tiny speaker when in a purse, a pocket etc. Asking because I'll be launching my app in a week (a revolutionary reminders app), and I've made a custom notification sound for that, and it's maxed out on the volume (and yes, it sounds louder than the default system notification).
@paul_danyliuk Hi Paul, This is a good question. "All mobile devices have built-in processors at the audio output port. It pulls out all the sounds, however, and the speakers of the devices are unable to reproduce the sounds at high volumes with high quality. Perhaps you will be surprised at how awfully bad and wrong something sounds that you quite liked listening to with your computer." That's the truth - loud audio files are sounds very distorted on mobile speakers. It's recommended to use quiet sounds for UI. And sometimes it's ok to use loud sounds for notifications, but you should be careful and pick the right sound.