UI Recipes

Weekly 15 min lessons on UI design from the hottest apps

Each week, we analyze the top UI patterns and the latest design trends from the πŸ”₯ hottest mobile and web apps, and we turn them into actionable 🍲 UI Recipes for designing specific user tasks.

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Hi Product Hunters, My name is Amir, and I'm the creator of UI Recipes. I've created this product to solve the time consuming problem of trying to find the top UI patterns and latest design trends for solving a specific user task (eCommerce, search, lists, sign-ups, etc.). I've also decided to take it one step further, and analyze those patterns and trends from a usability standpoint, then provide actionable guidelines in forms of if-then questions. And I send out a new UI recipe every Wednesday at 10 am. My goal is to provide non-designers with weekly educational bits to learn design in 15 minutes or less, and to provide designers and product managers with a repository of validated UI design guidelines that they can use in their work. We are also working on creating a searchable online repository of all those patterns and trends, downloadable UI kits with various design "ingredients", and a Sketch plugin to access those assets directly within the app. Would love to hear your feedback, ideas and requests. You can also tweet us @uirecipes
@uirecipes @amirkhella Congrats on the launch! Love learning resources for design!
@uirecipes @amirkhella is this available for android?
@uirecipes @amirkhella I subscribed months ago to the newsletter, having a platform can be really great :)
@aaronoleary thanks, Aaron! We love helping the design community!
@pragya_joshi we are starting with iOS, and will be adding Android and Web in the next couple of months.
I love tools like this! It's imperative to stay up to date with design trends and the best agencies will use products like this to do that.
Impressive stuff, was just putting together UI/UX resource, guess this is one of the fastest way out. great work. Subscirbed it right away. Thanks
@akshaymoorthy thank you, Akshay!
This is great- I just signed up for my first recipe. Also, I'd like to second that I'd prefer a web page opposed to a pdf. Either, looking forward to more!
@seth_brady Thank you! We're currently working on the website to host all patterns and recipes
I love this! great thing about this tool is the bite size of each lesson. we can even download it! Looking forward to learning (and downloading) more! Great work, Amir!