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Compare iPhone and Android screens side by side

#5 Product of the DayJune 12, 2015
It looks like a mobile version of Linkedin is inconvenient to use on both iOS and Android platforms. :)
I don't think this is a great comparison. If one really wants to compare the Android v. iOS UI, the Android screenshots should be from devices (like the Moto X or Nexus 5 and 6) running Android 5.0 and without any modifications. The screenshots look like they are from a horrifically modified version of Android.
@pburtchaell it's the iPhone 6+ and the HTC one M8, both currently updated os systems. When apps become updated too I make sure to add new comparisons. But yes having multiple android devices would be interesting too. Thanks for the advice
@pburtchaell Also the phone wouldn't matter what the app showed up as. The apps on android would look the same regardless of the android phone (except for screen sizes).
Cool way to see side by side Android and iOS views of mobile apps
@erictwillis I'm iOS fan and again made sure of it! By the way this is the reason why I'm one or the creators of Necticy App for iPad
@karina_nexticy The majority of these screenshots are from a modified Android device. To get a more accurate perspective of Android UI, you really need to look at the UI design from apps running on a device with "pure" Android 5.0.
Thanks for all the votes everyone. I will be updating the site in the coming week with search, better pagination on tag pages, and hopefully working in apple watch + android watch comparisons if I can get the design working in a nice way.
This is AWESOME!!! Been looking all over for this kind of side-by-side comparison!