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Thanks for the Hunt, Eric. UI Movement was well received when it was first on Product Hunt just over a year ago (https://www.producthunt.com/tech...). While the newsletter is still a key part of the site (and now has over 10,000 subscribers) - I wanted to make the site itself more useful. That's why it's been completely redesigned with the side navigation that lets you filter the designs by patterns. Personally, I'm usually looking for design inspiration when I need to design a specific UI element, so the idea is that I can now head to UI Movement, go to the tag for that element, and get inspiration from the most popular UI design animations for that element. I've got some big plans for the future of UI Movement and plan to put a lot more time into it than I have for the past year or so, but I'd love to hear your feedback, and your ideas about where you think it should go. I'll be around for most of the day to answer questions if you have any.
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Completely redesigned from the ground up. The old single column design has been replaced with a cleaner grid and a side panel for easier browsing, searching, and filtering. Over 2,000 UI design animations now browsable by design patterns, sorted by the most upvoted - Useful for designers who need inspiration for specific design elements. For example, if you’re working on a new menu design, you can instantly see the most popular menu design animations on UI Movement. Import posts directly from Dribbble - Instead of having to upload animations manually, you can now import designs to submit with a Dribbble link
I see great opportunities for frontenders to PR themselves: you simple code one item after another from the list and leave your Github.
@alexanderisora An integration where people code up the example could be cool, yeah 👌
Haven't heard of UI movement until now, glad I found it - just signed up already.
@marktmcewan Awesome, I hope you enjoy the newsletter 🎉
These are all actually pretty unique & pretty great. Bookmarked. @uimovement @ramykhuffash @erictwillis