UI Magnets

Huge Phone-Shaped Magnetic Whiteboards

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Ray Hernandez
Ray HernandezMaker@raydawg88 · Creative Director - Product Maker - Dad
These have really changed the reactions we get from clients in our discovery meetings. And they just look cool in our office!
Andrew Zusman
Andrew ZusmanHunter@uxandrew · UX Designer
@raydawg88 is one of the creators of the UI Magnets. :-)
Bradley Joyce
Bradley JoyceMaker@bradleyjoyce · Founder, Velocis
Hey everyone, thanks for the interest! We built this product because we were tired of sketching app ideas/interfaces on the whiteboard and having clients go "huh, I just don't see it." Hope you guys/gals enjoy! If you're interested in purchasing, use code "uihunter" for 15% off.
Joao Carvalho
Joao Carvalho@johntheoak · UX Designer at Maersk Digital
@bradleyjoyce I have some questions on my mind. Since designing for mobile (or desktop) requires a lot of screens to understand the navigation flow, my first impression is that I need to have multiple UI Magnets with me (!)
Bradley Joyce
Bradley JoyceMaker@bradleyjoyce · Founder, Velocis
@johntheoak absolutely :-) We're actually brainstorming a companion mobile app that allows you to take photos of the magnet and immediately create a clickable prototype.
Vivek M George
Vivek M George@vivekmgeorge · SALT - trysalt.com
Definitely could be useful! Hopefully Apple doesn't change up the form factor too much anymore :)