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#4 Product of the WeekDecember 19, 2017

👋 friends,

I’m a Dribbble player @oykun from its very early days. I remember the times of majority posts being useful, meaningful, smart & real life projects. They're still in there but very much lost in thousands of trendy, unusable posts.

Here I hand-pick designs from real life projects or that can be applied to our real client projects.


  • Brandon Yung
    Brandon YungDesigner

    What we always needed from Dribbble! Clean design and easy to follow, love this product.


    However I wish each project would show more information, specifically which company it is for. That's what this is about right?

    I like to follow what companies and their designers are up to, so if that could be implemented further I would see myself using this over Dribbble any day. :) Great product!

    Brandon Yung has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    Shiny site


    Not particularly inspired taste

    Would rather just use Dribble

    Chuck Kelly has used this product for one day.
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Joe Tannorella
Joe Tannorella@joetannorella · Developer & Marketer
This is really cool, great work @Oykun! I'm trying to solve a similar problem with https://uidb.io - too many designs on Dribbble simply aren't realistic. Your approach to this is really great; love that it's curated by an actual designer.
OykunMaker@oykun · Maker of uijar.com & minimalstuff.com
@joetannorella nice project there. Thank you and best luck with yours mate!
Andrea Cau
Andrea Cau@andrea_cau · Product Designer @ Oval Money.
Love that part who says "not the trendy ones that can't be applied to real life projects", I am sure @Oykun will know hand-pick the best design on Dribbble. P.s. Love the bottom-navigation-hashtag on the site. Nice touch!
OykunMaker@oykun · Maker of uijar.com & minimalstuff.com
@andrea_cau Thanks mate! Appreciate it!
Aggelos Gesoulis
Aggelos Gesoulis@anges244 · JavaScript Developer
Curated designs by an actual designer! And a real problem (Dribbble is flooded lately with unrealistic posts), solved with an elegant solution! Superb work!
OykunMaker@oykun · Maker of uijar.com & minimalstuff.com
@anges244 you are way too kind mate! You described it better then me btw 😊
OykunMaker@oykun · Maker of uijar.com & minimalstuff.com
👋 all, I love Dribbble! ❤️🏀 I’m one of the early members & I owe a lot to the website and community. It’s helped me to grow as a designer, got me connected to great clients and many other designers who I hang out today as friends. 🙏 However I've been having a bit of trouble with its content lately. It used to have more of real life projects, smart design solutions, sketches, useful feedbacks. We used to have a lot more of early stage designs that we learned from its process and helped each other on the way. 🤜🤛 They are still in there, but a bit harder to find now as the platform has grown from few hundred designers’ posts to thousands of users’ in years. 🙌 Here at the UI Jar Ver1, I aim to share designs I find useful for our real life client & personal projects. I built & launched this in its very early stage. Now that I see many of you liked the idea, I’m working hard to release many more features ASAP. 💪 👨‍💻 I will be releasing a lot of features in following days, you can stay up to date via following on https://twitter.com/uijarcom or signing up to Newsletter where I will be sharing design/feature updates, insights, coupons... at 💌 http://eepurl.com/ddgKEL You can also follow up with design updates at https://www.instagram.com/uijarcom/ https://www.facebook.com/uijarcom/ Thank you! --- ps, this project has never meant to replace Dribbble. Go visit Dribbble everyday and make the most of it to grow yourself. ✌️
Aziz Firat
Aziz Firat@azizfirat · Design lead at Tidal
Been testing this for a while and its a really nice way to find some nice Dribbble shots. Congrats on the launch Oykun!
OykunMaker@oykun · Maker of uijar.com & minimalstuff.com
@azizfirat 🙏 Thank you for the feedbacks!