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As much as inspiration is the greatest essential part of designing, I really am split regarding those interaction animation aggregators as they always aggregate just "non real-world applicable" concepts from dribbble and co, which are most of the time made with AE and thus so far away from real-world possibilities. Setting the "AE is bad-practice for mobile/web interaction-animation" discussion aside, (most of the easings are not even possible on mobile systems, especially regarding inexperienced interaction designers tend to mix easings in AE freely, which is not possible neither in mobile nor web) I really question this practice getting inspired from no-limit animations instead of picking "real" interaction animations and designs from real and existing applications and pages. 100% of the first page are AE animations, which are to 90% not transferable into neither web nor mobile.
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@andmitsch agre 100%. Even if these animations could be implemented, most of them would lead to terrible UX.
@andmitsch I'm with you all the way. Complex, over-the-top interactions don't make an application better, and while these are interesting studies in AE prowess, they are not realistic to what could/should be done in a real world setting. Lately I've been keeping myself accountable to interaction bloat by saying that if someone comments on or notices an interaction I've designed, even if they like it, then it's too much. Interfaces should mirror the physical world, and should act accordingly. After all, when was the last time you commented on the cool bounce effect that a basketball has, or how quickly a venetian blind came down when you pulled the string? If nothing else, do it for your developers. All of the time that they spend on making 20 things move could be spent on optimizing the performance of the 3 things that matter. Who cares if something has a parallax effect if it's laggy as hell and takes forever to load?
@andmitsch I agree. Not every pixel on the screen needs to be animated.
@tomjohndesign "studies" is a very good term that characterizes these AE excesses better than concepts as concepts usually imply a level of applicability. AE is not made for interaction design/animation, it is purely made for motion design and 99% of designers do not know the limits of code ending up in creating visual bliss, that is real eye-candy, admit that, but has no place in a real product design sprint or UX design. Getting inspired by this ends up in the dribbblification of interaction design as well, though interaction design has its origin in usability and this is not usable as you mentioned. It is merely designed for designers and not for users, humans or outcome. That's why true UX design is still a rare thing as it is based in design research and behavioural science, not in making a cubic ease to spring SVG bend corner button.
@andmitsch Been feeling the same way lately, but don't necessarily mind this. Pre-dev animations like these are definitely polarizing and always start the dribbble debate, but that's probably a good thing. "Impossible" when it comes to custom interactions, transitions, etc sometimes means "takes a really long time" and, in turn, eats into budgets + adds unnecessary weight/unforeseen stability issues to a release. That's especially true when a designer starts creating over the top animation sequences and expects to see them in an early build before core functionality is in a good place. That's part of the responsibility of anyone designing an experience though- to measure the effectiveness of an over the top animation and weigh all the pros & cons. Using these types of AE created pie-in-the-sky animation examples isn't always a bad thing if a designer is able to understand the potential roadblocks and quantify the payoff for a user, then coming to the development compromise if it doesn't make sense.
This is definitely going to my collection "Design Better": https://www.producthunt.com/@pal... I would love it more if it had a chrome extension which would show me new inspirations for UI Interactions every time I open a new tab. :D
@palakzatakia Great idea, we might do this in the future. Keep in touch via twitter [at]uiinteractions
I truly love this. I have a tremendous amount of admiration for front end developers and designers who take the time to think these things through and then just share them with the community. Many many big high fives.
@rueter Thanks, High five!!
@rueter I was going to say the same things. :)
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Hi @ilesmana_ , just have a look at UI Interactions and I have some questions....The Web and PH are seeing many aggregators of UI design, animation and illustrations over the time. How do you think to stand out? What's the value added of your product in comparison with Dribble, Collect UI, UI Garage etc. etc. etc. etc.... Another question. Why call UI Interactions when the directory is mainly focused on Mobile UI animation? Thank you and good luck, Nicola.
@nick88msn @ilesmana_ I personally never have enough inspiration - the more streamlined inspiration the less originality - like in a flea market - I like to grab bits from different places - this one is another one and it looks good :)
@nick88msn We're different from the others because our contents are curated and we focus on mobile apps interactions as per our name suggests. For now, most of our contents are still mobile-oriented, but we're hoping to include other kinds of UI as well in the future.
@steveraffner Thanks! Spread the Word.
nice compilation so far, would love to see also more resources explaining how are these created and how to achieve these beautiful results