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Getting "Site not installed"
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@evannite hey, thanks for pointing this out. we believe there's some sort of DNS issue. We're looking into it right now.
@mizko @evannite Still not working for me.
@chadwhitaker @mizko @evannite hey everyone, we normally have fixed the problem. Let us know if you still have issues reaching the website ;)
Site Not Installed???
Nice work @mizko & @philippehong Where do you find these resources? Whats the current curation process like and how do you plan to expand it while keeping quality a focus?
@bentossell Thanks Ben! @Philippehong and I are both very passionate product designers based in Sydney. Part of our daily design process involves finding inspiration and keeping on top of design trends. So as we sieve through apps and websites daily, we thought we'd share it all with the community of designers online as well. We're hoping to help designers save time and at the same time, inspire them into creating 'even-better' solutions for the projects their working on :)
@mizko awesome :) Can I ask why there is so many images of Netflix on the homepage? 😛 Is their design that good? (not digging it out, genuinely asking for a designer's point of view!)
@bentossell Great question. So UI Garage started off as a 'personal' project. It was an archive of our own inspiration that we wanted to document and save in one spot. Right now the homepage only shows the most recent uploads. Eventually, we will be upgrading the platform so we can have better control over what we feature on the homepage etc. We're really looking forward to taking UI Garage to the next level and be able to serve the most relevant inspiration at the right time. PS. Netflix does have a great app :)
@mizko @bentossell Great product! The categories on the side are very helpful (like Pricing for example). However, they also reveal the temporary weakness of not having many screenshots in each category. Are you planning on adding a UGC layer, so that others can contribute as well? You could (thinking out loud here, hope that's cool) at first apply a limited invitation to post policy, extending it to professionals you value. It can make for both high quality curated content, as well as a good buzz and go-to-market strategy.
@darshu thanks so much for the feedback! Firstly really glad you noticed the categories. Our aim is to be as specific as possible with our categories. This way we're actually solving a real problem for designers. We feel that "general design inspiration" is very assessable already. Users can submit their own inspiration as well, with the submit button in the top left corner - however we love your idea of only allowing a certain group of "design elites" to contribute at the start. The current platform is built on tumblr, very soon we will be looking to refactor the entire platform and upgrade it so we have a lot more control. At the same time we have a lot planned for UI Garage so it'll eventually serve a lot more than just inspiration :) We really appreciate your feedback and suggestions! You might even hear from us later down the track when we start making the upgrade!
@mizko I find it really similar to pttrns.com , were they your inspiration? Also, thanks, always love seeing beautiful apps :)
@ianissoawesome I definitely loved the idea of pttrns but we found it difficult to find very specific design pattern inspiration such as form validations and other patterns which might not look as "beautiful". So our goal is to provide designers practical design inspiration :)
Besides having some web stuff there, are there any other benefits over pttrns.com?
@robinraszka philippe and I are both product designers and we've always found it difficult to find very specific design inspiration online. Eg. FAQ, form validations etc. So our goal is to not just provide beautiful screenshots but also have very specific patterns available for those who are looking for something in particular.
@mizko OK I see, doesn't really answer my question though.