UI Design System

Starter kit for Sketch to create awesome user interfaces.

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hahahhaha 48$ for this junk. Are you kiddin? I have to say: This is not awesome or cool.
@_selcukahmet There's always someone who derives satisfaction from trashing other people's products on here. It looks like this time it's you. Congratulations. I hope you feel better about yourself. πŸ‘
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@brettwill1025 Yes I feel better than paying 50 bukz.
@_selcukahmet Great, just verifying.
@_selcukahmet @brettwill1025 don't worry Brett, the resentful people have no future.
Thanks @kwdinc for the hunt πŸ™Œ Lots of cool stuff with this starter kit for Sketch. Over 200 responsive symbols, 14 flexible charts, an extensive style guide, nested symbols, styles and so much more! And here's a code for all Product Hunters: ph20, will give you 20% discount on UI Design System.
Looks awesome!
I really like this. I think we could have a even skinnier version than the $48 one to try before going for the full version.
@brettwill1025 I think it's a great idea, keep building!