UI Check

Measure UI elements directly on your screenshots

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Hi Guys, I'm happy to introduce UI Check! It's a free app for you app designers out there to measure and doublecheck the spacing and colors of your prototypes directly on the device. You can load your screenshots and measure distance, angle, width, height and color codes without ever having to send it to your computer (Works on iPhone and iPad). I hope I'm able to make your life a bit more fun and productive with my little UI Check app!
@one_keith nice work. would like easier way to view full screen, option to drag and edit measurements in order to refine, magnifying glass to fine tune where to measure.
@tomflemming Thanks for really studying the app! Those are great points that would definitely enhance the product. I most likely will add the measurement dragging in the near future, for the others I'd have to rethink the gestures and navigation a bit.. I appreciate the feedback!
Didn't try but sounds promising.
Love it. We are working on a new build for our app and I did a quick trial just now. Does save time. Will explore more later in the day
@ashutoshdabral Thanks. Any feedback is welcome!
Will it be available for Web?
@rotemthegolfer I haven't thought about that, let me think it trough, could be interesting.
@one_keith This is what i'm using right now (http://www.rapidtables.com/web/t...) it's ok but I'm sure you can do something much better
@rotemthegolfer Yeah, I'm thinking a little Chrome extension might work nicely
This is so cool --- takes 5 steps out of the process --- and as a UI nut, this is something I'll use all the time